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A homeless man saves a grandmother and…
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A homeless man saves a grandmother and grandchildren from the flames, repaying their kindness: they had invitedhim to sleep in their house

February 25, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Not everyone would have the courage to host a homeless person in their home, to shelter them from the cold and to give them, at least for one night, a roof under which to sleep and hot food to eat. Many wouldn't do it out of fear, fear, or even prejudice, but there are people in this world who have such a big heart that they would do anything to put less fortunate people at ease and to lend them a hand as much as they are able...

via: KPRC 2

The woman in this incredible story lives south of the city of Houston in Texas, together with her two adored granddaughters; one very cold night she saw a homeless man named Smith looking for shelter outside her house, so the woman saw fit to make a gesture of great generosity and to host him for one night in the guest room, giving him food, water and a bed warm to sleep in. That same night, however, an unexpected thing happened.

The man named Smith, who slept in a separate room from that of the grandchildren and the generous 66-year-old woman, heard a strange noise during the night; he jumped out of bed and headed downstairs, and saw that something was wrong...

Outside the house there was a huge cloud of smoke, and Smith immediately understood that something was wrong with the house: in fact, an explosion had occurred in the attic and was seriously endangering the lives of those who lived inside the house; soon the building would collapse on itself, engulfed in flames. The homeless man didn't think twice and woke the woman in her room, who in the meantime hadn't heard anything, and carried her safely out of the house.

But the two granddaughters were still inside, so the man did his best to honor the big heart of this family which had hosted him, without asking for anything in return: he dived back inside the burning house and saved the two little girls, who escaped without injury.

image: KPRC 2 News

What happened that fateful night was a real miracle: grandmother and granddaughters hadn't actually heard that strange noise, and if it hadn't been for the keen hearing and the sixth sense of this brave homeless man, maybe this family wouldn't have made it. This rescue story teaches us a very important lesson: whatever you give to other people without asking for anything in return will come back to you sooner or later and bring its rewards.

The woman who decided to host the homeless as an act of pure kindness was paradoxically saved by the same man, in the same night: this is a beautiful sign of destiny!


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