They tell a little boy that he has 3 minutes to buy whatever he wants: he only chooses things for his family -
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They tell a little boy that he has 3…
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They tell a little boy that he has 3 minutes to buy whatever he wants: he only chooses things for his family

January 26, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Imagine you are in the supermarket and a stranger tells you that you can take anything you want, as long as you can fill the cart with what you need in 3 minutes. What would you choose? Probably you would be so overwhelmes that you wouldn't know what to choose. This type of experiment was conceived and filmed by a couple of comedians who went to a local supermarket and asked a boy to choose anything he wanted within 3 minutes, and they would pay for them. The kid chosen in this video surprised everyone, in the end, with his choices.

When you see a little boy standing in the toy department, eagerly gazing at the latest action figure from his favorite movie or cartoon, you know he would like nothing more than to buy not just that, but all the other toys in the world. The two comedians wanted to give this opportunity to a child who was lingering in the toy department: "Choose what you want, you have 3 minutes of time .... go!". In the throes of emotion, the boy throws the first toy he had on hand into the cart and then begins to think about what he really needs to buy. Unexpectedly, he leaves the toy department and dashes through the aisles in search of the most commonplace and unusual things for a boy his age. He starts putting diapers, powdered milk, baby bottles, household detergents, a microwave oven, baby rompers etc in the cart. But why?

Here you can watch the complete video of the touching scene:

This kid did something incredible. 😓❤️

This kid did something incredible. 😓❤️

Pubblicato da The Pun Show su Lunedì 21 dicembre 2020

The two creators of the experiment, in the video, immediately asked the reason for those strange choices. After 3 minutes everything becomes clearer: they don't have much money at home, so the boy took the opportunity to stock up on essential things for his little sister and his family. A gesture truly made with his heart, which not all boys his age would be able to do.

Well done young man!

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