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A homeless man walks into a hairdresser's…
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A homeless man walks into a hairdresser's shop and gets an amazing haircut for free

December 24, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Although we live in a society which is now very individualistic and often deaf to the needs of the most disadvantaged, there are always those out there who are ready to lend a hand to the poor and the homeless. Like this generous hairdresser, who decided to give a free haircut to a poor homeless man who walked into his shop. Obviously, the images of this beneficial makeover immediately made the rounds of the web, generating enthusiastic comments and reactions.

via: Daily Star

In fact, it had been several days that this hairdresser from Scottsdale, Arizona had seen this poor homeless man standing in front of his beauty salon window; most likely, he needed a new haircut but had no money to pay. For this reason, one day, the kind barber decided to let him in, make him sit down, and to give him an extraordinary makeover!

Pictures of the fabulous makeover were posted and circulated on the Scottsdale barber's TikTok profile who, as generous as he was, did not ask for any money from the homeless man who needed a new look. Needless to say, this homeless man was pleasantly surprised by the barber's work!


 A hairdresser to be taken as a good example to us all: congratulations, you have done a truly commendable good deed!


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