15 couples whose height difference is…
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15 couples whose height difference is impossible to miss

December 15, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Whether your partner is very tall or very short, it doesn't matter: when there is true love, all sorts of differences disappear, even if you know perfectly well that everyone who sees you can't help but notice and ask themselves: "Is it him who is too tall, or her who is too short or vice versa?". No matter the answer, the fact is that one of the characteristics that makes you unique as a couple is that people just won't be able to help noticing you!

A height difference that's really hard to miss!

When even a hug becomes difficult ...


Not to mention the inconvenience of going to the shops to try on clothes!

When going to the game with your slightly oversized boyfriend becomes a hilarious moment ...

image: Sevzor/Reddit

The traditional photo next to the Christmas tree ... how many people will have turned to look at them while they were posing?


My husband is definitely shorter than me!

How do they manage in everyday life?

image: momo/Twitter

They are the same age, but the you can't help but notice the difference in height ...

image: Alex/Twitter

When you date someone taller than you ... or shorter!


So short that he has to use a step to reach the heights of this woman!

CAn you spot the difference?

image: Imgur

And how do they kiss each other on the cheek?

Is he too tall or is she too short?

When a tall son has to show a cell phone photo to his short mom!

There may be a noticeable height difference, but this is true love!


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