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A man offers to pay for dinner on a…
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A man offers to pay for dinner on a date and she shows up with the whole family: the bill is $3,000

By Alison Forde

Nowadays it is very difficult to find a soul mate, although there are many apps that try to convince us otherwise. It is thanks to one of these dating apps that a woman in China was able to arrange a blind date with a man she only knew virtually. The two made a date to meet at a restaurant and before meeting they agreed that the man would pay for the dinner: a gallantry that he would carry out with pleasure. When he showed up at the restaurant, however, the woman was not alone as he had imagined ...

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In fact, the woman in question showed up for the appointment with a queue of relatives behind her: 23 family members who could not wait to eat and drink with the victim's money. The restaurant placed everyone present on four different tables and at the end of the evening presented the very high bill to the man who had said he would pay for dinner from the beginning, a Mr. Liu, a 29-year-old man who until a few hours earlier had thought he was going on an intimate date! The bill amounted to $2,974 and literally frightened the guy away! None of the relatives had any qualms and did not stint in the slightest in ordering alcohol and food!

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The girl justified herself, claiming that she was the real victim of the situation: the woman, in fact, did not have the money available to settle that dizzying account. Among her relatives, someone put their twopence worth into the mix: "Well, it should be the man's responsibility to pay the bill at the end of a date, right?"

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The woman released a statement in a magazine, however, claiming that she and the man first agreed that he would pay for the dinner. The woman's relatives may have ruined the evening by assuming that the man in question was rich - so they wanted to "test his generosity"!

Blind dating? Too risky!

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