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A boy is finally adopted at the age…
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A boy is finally adopted at the age of 18 after being mistreated by abusive families

September 28, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Adopting a child is one of the most beautiful and charitable gestures that a couple will ever be able to make in their life, a commitment that must be undertaken with the head and heart open to letting a child who was born under less fortunate circumstances enter your home. They may have broken bonds with their biological parents, but, having spent a childhood or part of it in suffering and loneliness, will need a lot of affection from a loving family.

Randall Douglas was born in 2000 and was abandoned in hospital for at least a week; his mother's name was known, but absolutely nothing was known about the identity of his father. Until the age of 16 Randall was passed from one family to another, from one abusive situation to another and that made him an introverted and problematic teenager.

Then along came Casey and Peter Douglas, a young couple who had in the meantime obtained a foster care and adoption license; when an adoption society offered them the chance to adopt Randall, they didn't think twice.

At first, it was hard for the Douglas family, because the boy was bad tempered, problematic and difficult to manage, but then, thanks to the clemency of the juvenile court, Casey and Peter Douglas managed to convince the judge that they should keep the boy, now seventeen years old. They thus obtained permanent tutelage, which at Randall's 18 years of age became official adoption.

"When we met him he was very withdrawn and angry with the world, which is to be be expected after what he's been through," said Casey, "Now he's safe and confident and knows where he belongs in the world, and feels like he has the ability to be the person he wants to be. He's friendly, he's outgoing, he's insanely athletic, he's talented beyond all measure."


Now, Randall is finishing his finak year of high school and preparing to go to college. He dreams of becoming a professional baseball player, or an inland fishing expert. The fact is that Casey and Peter are delighted to have Randall in the house now, officially adopted at last.

Randall, for his part, couldn't ask for a better family; and as Peter said on the day of the official adoption, "From this moment onwards, from now until the end of time, I will be your father and you will be my son."

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