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"A woman has the right to not want children":…
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"A woman has the right to not want children": a girl's outburst gathers thousands in agreement

September 27, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Choosing whether to have children or not is something extremely personal, and no one should ever assume the right to judge that choice. There are many factors which can influence the desire to have or not have children and it is not always easy to give explanations to family or friends who, undeterred, continue to ask the unfortunate couple in question: "So, when are you having a child?" . No woman should feel compelled to explain this. On Instagram, the influencer Marie Lopez, known as EnjoyPhoenix, wanted to raise the question, trying to make the world understand her concept of motherhood and why this should not be influenced from the outside. Children must first of all be a choice and not an imposition.

 "A woman has the right to not want children" - this is the opinion of Marie Lopez, shared by many people, who then commented on her position on Instagram. For 3 years the young 25-year-old has been continually asked: "But when are you having a child?" and it got to a point where she decided to have her say. It is not only strangers who ask her this personal question, but also her family members: "The older generations wonder why at 25 I am are still childless. I know many will recognize themselves in my words. Not everyone wants to have children." And, above all, not everyone can have children: "You don't know if certain people are physically able to conceive, maybe they have tried for years without success. Even the economic situation is a determining factor in this choice. Being parents is not a purpose or a life goal for everyone," continued the influencer.

 "Currently I have chosen to focus on my life", continued the artist, "if I ever have a child, I hope it will happen because I have decided to do so and not because of the pressure that has been put on me. A woman is not a brood mare and has every right not to want children. " Not all women, in fact, have a strong maternal instinct and there is nothing wrong with that. The girl wisely concluded her comment with: "Listen to your own wishes before listening to those of others, especially when it comes to giving birth or not, with all the responsibilities that such a thing entails. Maybe one day I will be a mother, or maybe not, only time will tell. Thank you for respecting my choice. "

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