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Tired mom falls asleep on the train:…
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Tired mom falls asleep on the train: her child puts his hands under her head to act as a pillow

September 15, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Parents often feel compelled to hide how they are really feeling in front of their children: they pretend to be indestructible, tireless, never losers and always serene. But we all know that this is not the case, that on the contrary, being a parent reveals character weaknesses much more often. So why not reveal tiredness, frustration, sadness to your children? Aren't they also part of life? Also because children can surprise us, and faced with our weaknesses they can show themselves to be unexpectedly strong, despite their tender age: just as happened in the case of this son and this mother.

image: Source Unknown

This photo was taken inside a subway car in China: an exhausted mother falls asleep during her journey. But what caught the passengers' attention was the little son's reaction. The little boy, seeing his mother asleep, got up from his seat, collected his bag and the luggage they had and approached his mother, putting his hands under her head, as if they were a pillow.

We don't know anything else about this picture, who the woman was, why she was so tired and why the child reacted like that: but when faced with such a scene there is no need to ask too many questions. The answer is simply that the child who was able to act on his mother's tiredness, taking care of her as we are sure she has done a thousand times for her son.

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