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10 photos that show that living with…
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10 photos that show that living with a small child requires a lot of patience

August 15, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Having a child is truly one of the most infinite joys one can experience, and most parents know this very well; having one, or more than one to raise is like having a second job; very tiring, but extremely satisfying. Yet, life with a small child is not easy at all, and sometimes you have to arm yourself with a lot of patience and try to make the best of a bad situation and to try not to yell at them. It is not an easy task, yet without our little ones life would be so much more boring!

When your child absolutely does not want to get up from the floor and continues to cry undeterred ... very trying!

When your child approaches a squirrel and his finger is bitten ... patience required!


My son got stuck in the window because he was saying hello to a squirrel .... bah!

My 7-year-old son packed his suitcase to go to the beach for a week: no clothes, just underwear and socks!

My daughter was particularly angry with me and sat there for 45 minutes dressed as Spider-Man ...

My older brother punched me for real while I was posing for a photo ... ouch!

"But the volume is too low", my younger brother said ...

If you want to make your child feel useful, have him paint the fence ... with water!

Here is the surprise that our little one left for us in the bathtub ... heck!

My 3 year old son insisted on making me breakfast ... in his own way!

Life with a small child is certainly full of unexpected events and endless fun ... but what patience is required!

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