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12 children who fall asleep in the strangest/most…
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12 children who fall asleep in the strangest/most unlikely places

August 04, 2020 • By Cylia Queen

Children are what make the world go round. It's thanks to their smiles, innocence, and pure curiosity that give the world a reason to continue existing. Even adults from time to time like to revert back to their childhood days. After all, children are the ones who have all the fun. If it weren't for our little ones, who knows how much life would be worth living. One thing is for sure, they are absolutely adorable when they sleep. In this gallery, we have put together a compilation of children sleeping in the oddest places. We hope you'll get as much a kick out of them as we did!

Kids can pretty much fall asleep anywhere... even on top of the television!

Baby can't fall asleep in his crib? Try the fridge!


Nothing says "total relax" like a nice warm bath in mom and dad's jacuzzi bathtub... Zzzz

Nighty night, flower child... don't forget to turn off the faucet though!

Even a tiny bed can make all the difference in a good night's rest!


The one is the middle? Oh yeah, that's just the kitten they're snuggling up to...

He sort of fell asleep at the wrong time in the wrong place... now Fido is kind of stuck there!


Looks like this little girl and her doll friends were up late last night having too much fun!

This one couldn't even make it through dinner, she was so tired!


Either she didn't sleep last night or she is just trying to get out of going to school...

What a crazy day! Let me just casually lay here for a minute...

The rug was just too soft and inviting...

Have any of you ever had sleep attacks like these? We can only hope you were as comfotable as these kids when you feel asleep! 

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