Man rushed to the emergency room after mother-in-law bludgeons him with a skillet for calling her fat -
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Man rushed to the emergency room after…
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Man rushed to the emergency room after mother-in-law bludgeons him with a skillet for calling her fat

By Cylia Queen

Be careful who you choose to pick on; they might not see things as funny as you. Let's face it, some people don't know how to take a joke and so you're better off saying nothing it at all. The key to a successful comedian or prankster is knowing how to work your audience. And if you don't know how to do that, you're better off stopping while you're ahead. If not, you might end up like the man in our story, who thought it would be funny to make fun of his mother-in-law for being overweight. She hit him over the head with a skillet, which ultimately sent him to the emergency room. 

image: Pixnio

This odd incident took place in Casigli-La Mancia, Spain, where our poor male protagonist was found in the hospital with 17 stitches in his head. The man explained to the police that his mother-in-law struck him with a frying pan after he had compared her physique to an elephant's. Luckily, his x-rays showed that he suffered no internal bleeding from his injuries and, despite having to get 17 stitches, was in pretty good spirits. When asked if he wanted to press charges against his mother-in-law, the man refused, stating, "If I do, I'm afraid it will be my wife that plows me with a skillet this time!". 

image: Wikipedia

It's no secret that family members don't always get along, but this husband's relationship with his mother-in-law is particularly toxic! We can only hope that the man has finally come to his senses and learned to leave his mother-in-law alone. Otherwise, we'd hate to see what other kitchen utensil she might use next time! 

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