The doggy test to find out your mental…
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The doggy test to find out your mental age: test yourself with a fun game

July 12, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Age does not matter when you feel young "inside". We often hear this phrase repeated which, in many ways, is not wrong. Physical problems aside, it is always very good to try to keep our mind as fresh and fit as possible, also from our everyday reasoning and from our more or less open attitudes.

It is not rare, in fact, to see young people around us who behave or think like more mature individuals or, conversely, to meet men and women of a certain age who have a particularly youthful nature within them. In fact, each of us has his own "mental age", which may differ from the real one. It is a psychological concept elaborated on by the Frenchman Alfred Binet, who in the early twentieth century developed various tests to find out. We offer you one of these tests here: test yourself and find out at what point your mind is!

How many dogs do you see in the image below?

image: Pinterest

Look carefully before giving an answer, because from the number you choose you will be able to understand a lot about your intellectual age, often surprisingly very different from your actual age! Did you answer? Well, below we list the various answers and their corresponding ages.

1. If you found 4 dogs

Your psychological age is 20-25 years, therefore you have a youthful, fresh mind, a personality attentive to aesthetic taste and art. You favor simplicity, and you like to be left alone.

2. If you saw 5 dogs

With 5 dogs, you have a mental age of around 25-30 years. Characteristics? Transparency, clarity, frankness, both in the personal and private sphere and in the work sphere.


image: Pxhere

3. If you see 6 dogs in the picture

If you have managed to "find" 6 four-legged friends in the picture, mentally you are around 30-40 years. You are therefore in full maturity, reliable, thoughtful, cautious people who do not put appearances above all things, and don't feel the need to put themselves in risky situations.

4. If you identified 7 dogs

In this case, you are naively made person, showing a psychological age between 10 and 20 years. Open, friendly, simple and friends with everyone, you live an eternal youth!

How many dogs have you found? Does the result reflect your personality or were you surprised? Write in the comments!

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