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A man jumps into boiling water to save…
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A man jumps into boiling water to save his dog: neither make it out alive

By Cylia Queen

The love some humans have for their animals is infinite. This means that they will go to whatever length to save their furry animal friends. This is especially true for Pablo Manuel Fustec, who was a 32-year-old french actor who recently passed away. He loved his dogs more than anything else in the world, and his love for them ended up taking his life. 

The incident took place on a busy street in Michoacán, Mexico. Pablo was walking his three dogs when one of them slipped and fell into a manhole full of boiling hot sulfur water. Without thinking twice about it, Pablo jumped in after him, but he paid the ultimate price. With over 70% of his body covered in 3rd degree burns, Pablo was rushed to the hospital immediately.

For days, Pablo fought for his life, but his body was no match for the burns he suffered during the incident. On July 6, 2020, Pablo's heart went into cardiac arrest and, moments later, Pablo passed away. After his death, friends and colleagues, as well as acquaintances and social media users shared his tragic story across the internet. Everyone raved about Pablo and his courageous act and, together, they all celebrated his life and the sacrifice he made to save one of his beloved dogs. 

One user, Andry Parra Coto, shared photographs of Pablo on his facebook account: "A hero was before us this whole time. An outstanding human being who, without a doubt, has left a mark on all of us. Pablo gave his life to save Sasha's (his dog), who was the only true love of his life." 


It may have cost Pablo his life, but one thing is for sure: a person who is willing to risk his own life for a friend (a furry friend in this case), is a hero. Rest in peace, Pablo! 

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