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6 useful tricks to wear heels without…
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6 useful tricks to wear heels without suffering and taking care of your feet

July 10, 2020 • By Alison Forde

The feet are a very important part of our body: they support us and allow us to explore the world by walking from one place to another. Precisely for this reason, it is necessary to take better care of them. Nobody wants to have sore feet after a nice walk in nature or after an elegant evening in which, perhaps, she has worn a shoe with a heel. For women, perhaps, the shoe issue becomes more present and problematic as the choice would seem wider: with a heel, without, open, closed, low, high ... in short, for a woman, shoes are a serious matter! As is well known, however, the most beautiful shoes are often also the most uncomfortable - so how do you get around the small problems of inconvenience and avoid damaging your feet?

Here are some simple tricks to put into practice on any occasion!

1. Bind the third and fourth toes

When wearing high-heeled shoes it is quite normal to experience some discomfort as well as pain due to the extreme discomfort of the shoe. Try binding the third and fourth toes with fabric tape or even two plasters. The pain in the feet when walking on heels is often at this point, where the responsible nerve endings reside. With this trick you should be able to get through a whole evening!

2. Put cocoa butter on the painful parts

Did you know that cocoa butter is not only an excellent lip balm but can also be a valuable ally against foot pain? Especially if you have just purchased a new pair of high-heeled shoes, it might be useful to apply a little cocoa butter directly on the foot, in the parts most affected (for example, at the back of the heel).


3. Beware of excessive sweating

image: Pexels

We must try to minimize sweating, which is responsible for continuous friction inside the shoe. For this purpose there are numerous anti-perspirant deodorants that can be applied to the foot even before putting on the shoe; or, you can opt for talcum powder, to be applied on the insole or on the foot.

4. Foot bath

image: Pixabay

When you don't have to walk or wear high heels, you have to take care of your feet. A nice foot bath and some moisturizing cream is what it takes to get back on track!

5. Insoles

Insoles are a real salvation for various types of shoes, but especially for those with heels. Make sure you have some in reserve at home!


6. Wear shoes with heels more often

image: Pixabay

Unfortunately, you can't think of wearing heels only when you need to, for a single event - it's about practicing and getting used to them, so it's advisable to wear heels when you can. In this way, we can also identify firstly which type of shoe is most suitable for us.

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