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Woman abandons dog at an animal shelter:…
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Woman abandons dog at an animal shelter: as she leaves, she flips the surveillance camera off

July 10, 2020 • By Cylia Queen

Seeing a dog get abandoned by their owner is never pretty. It doesn't matter whether they get abandoned on the street or in an animal shelter: it's enough to break your heart when you see the look on those poor animals' faces. Some owners obviously have good reasons why they can no longer keep their animals. In this case, the more humane thing to do is either look for them a home yourself or take it to a shelter that can help find them a new family. 

Although leaving behind an animal isn't always an easy choice, it appears that one woman was glad to be rid of her dog. Before leaving the shelter, she turned to face their surveillance camera, raises her phone so that the dog is in the picture with her, and continues to flip someone off. 

image: Reddit

Although we don't know any of the details, several social media users started speculating what the story behind the woman's hand gesture could be. Most agreed that the woman was probably seeking revenge on the dog's owner, whoever that could've been. Fortunately, the shelter cracked the most important park of the case: they actually found who the true owner of the dog was! The owner had explained that he had asked his sister to watch his dog while he was out of town. It was never clear, however, whether the woman who flipped off the shelter's camera was his sister or someone else. 

image: Reddit

At least we know that the dog is now safe and back with his rightful owner. We only hope for his sake that he'll think twice about asking his sister to watch the dog again, unless he wants him to end back up at the shelter again! 

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