Beware of bad people who are convinced that they are good to everyone: they can be harmful -
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Beware of bad people who are convinced…
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Beware of bad people who are convinced that they are good to everyone: they can be harmful

July 09, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Each person conceals two distinct faces: on one side there is light, on the one side darkness, on one side the good, on the other the evil. Mind you, this duality unites each of us, nobody is exempt from this duplicity, we all have light and shadows within us. However, we should be very careful of those people who, convinced of operating for the common or personal good, do not hesitate to do evil, deliberately; a situation that can erode even the most consolidated relationships.

There are many people who are convinced of doing good by deliberately damaging others, and they are also individuals we tend to meet very often on our way, on our life path. Sometimes they are unscrupulous employers, sometimes envious work colleagues, sometimes people who up to a second before we believed dear and close to us: a relative, a "toxic" life partner.

The point is that each of us sees life, analyzes it and tries to elaborate the events that surround us through the lens of subjectivity: we all form opinions of the world, we all in our small way would like to change it, but in our own way. After all, it is comfortable to imagine an idealized image of a world in which everyone works as we would like, a world in our image and likeness, where everyone acts and thinks like us. But this is not reality.

image: Pickpik

Knowing how to accept reality for what it really is, knowing how to accept the many nuances (negative and positive) of the people we meet on the path of our life, ideally means embracing diversity, different ways of thinking, the opinions of others, life itself, a life of made meetings and at the same time of clashes. Wanting to bend the people around us to our opinions, to our points of view, means erasing part of the game of life.

Living means knowing how to know and appreciate the others who are different from us, overcoming prejudice, respecting the point of view of others without trying to change the people dearest to us and deliberately damaging them. And if you meet someone like that on your way ... make a hasty retreat!

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