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A tourist breaks a bracelet in a jewelry…
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A tourist breaks a bracelet in a jewelry store: she faints after discovering it costs $44,000.

By Cylia Queen

When our parents told us not to touch anything when they took us shopping with them as kids, they did it for a good reason. Most likely they asked us to not touch anything because they knew that if we broke something, they would have to end up paying for it. Kids aren't always the culprit, though. Take this Chinese tourist, for example, who, after entering a jewelry store, broke an expensive bracelet while trying it on. How much did it cost, you ask? Enough to make the woman faint when she saw the price tag. 

via: BBC

In China, jade is considered to be one of the most valuable gemstones of all. Supposedly, it brings good luck, health, and prosperity to whoever wears it. That's why, whenever the woman saw it, she immediately wanted to try it on. The woman was anything but lucky, though. After it broke, she asked the owner how much the bracelet cost, to which he replied, "300,000 yuan," or $44,000 dollars. 

Once she heard how much it cost, she immediately fainted. It took a few minutes for the woman to come to and, when she did, she and her family pleaded with the owner to reduce the amount she'd have to pay. After all, it was an accident. The owner refused, however, and wasn't going to take a penny less than the retail price. Needless to say, this woman will probably be repaying the store owner for a while before she's able to fork up that kind of money. We only hope that her family will be able to help her out. One thing's for sure, she'll probably check the price tag before she tries on anything else from now on!

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