A father in difficulty orders food for…
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A father in difficulty orders food for his daughters without eating anything: he does not have enough money

June 24, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Any self-respecting parent knows that sooner or later they will have to sacrifice something personal for the well-being of their children. Making sure that the little ones are happy, protected and healthy, moreover, is a normal thing for mothers and fathers, a universal "unwritten law".

That's just how it is; such attitudes will always be valid and present, even if the living conditions of the parent on duty are not the best. The father we are about to tell you of knows this well; a man who, despite his limited possibilities, has decided to satisfy the needs of his daughters by putting aside his own, even when it comes to eating.

via: ABS-CBN

The image is one that remains etched in memory at a simple glance. We are in the Philippines and the father in question, thin and visibly tested by misery, is sitting in a fast-food restaurant with his daughters who eat fried chicken. A completely normal scene, if it were not for the man, who in the absence of money, decided to let the girls eat and not to take anything for himself.

That's right: this single father, who later turned out to have also been stricken by a stroke, full of love and attention for his girls, literally deprived himself of food for them. Thus, this man has given the world an exemplary and authentic representation of what it means to be selfless, moving many viewers via the web.

After the photos were published, more details emerged about this unfortunate father and his story. His name is Ryan Arebuabo, he is 38 years old and, after his illness, he was no longer able to work. Separated from his wife, he remained with his daughters and lives with them in a shack in Manila. Despite these dramatic conditions, the man never gave up, and continued to earn a living by selling food with a mobile food stall,so as to continue sending his 6 and 8 year old daughters to school.


By earning enough for the basic necessities, Ryan tries to move forward every day, but he does not always manage to satisfy his needs. His is a simply moving story, which reminds everyone how important and wonderful it is to practice generosity towards others, even in the worst conditions.

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