A dog rescues an injured parrot found…
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A dog rescues an injured parrot found in his yard: now, they've become almost inseparable

June 24, 2020 • By Cylia Queen

Dogs have always been animals with big hearts; not only are they among the most intelligent and agile creatures on the planet, they also make the perfect companion for us humans. Moreover, they are also among the most accepting and open creatures in the animal kingdom. Many animals refuse to frequent animals outside of their species, but dogs love just about every type of living creature. Hiro is a prime example. Recently, he saved an injured parrot and, because they get along so well, they are now almost inseparable! 

via: Go Animals

Hiro lives in Puerto Rico with his owner, Viviana Davila. One day, while they were outside relaxing in their courtyard, Hiro saw something on the ground that caught his eye. With his curiosity getting the best of him, he immediately went over to investigate. To his surprise, it was a small parrot who seemed to be too tired to fly. To try to calm the bird down, he started licking it. 

Curious herself to see what the commotion was, Viviana went to offer Hiro some help. When she saw it was a bird, she wrapped him up in a towel and took him inside her house to see what she could do to help him. Luckily, it didn't seem like anything serious was wrong with the bird; he probably just needed some TLC and a couple days to rest. After a few days, however, Viviana began to suspect that there may be a bigger problem with the little bird. 


Viviana decided to take the bird to the vet, where she discovered that the poor little thing was paraplegic. The vet suspected that his injury was most likely the result of him falling out of his nest. The chances that the bird, who actually was a quaker parrot, would recover were very slim. Despite all odds, the parrot got better and better everyday... and, because of it's "not giving up" attitude, Viviana decide to name the parrot Hope. 

From that moment on, Hope became an integral part of Viviana's family. Together, Viviana and Hiro took care of their little friend. Hiro even became a sort of mother figure for Hope, hardly ever leaving the bird's side! 

Now, it's hard to ever see the two without the other; they have become pretty much inseparable! Even though they are two very different species, they take care of each other and couldn't imagine their lives without the other in it. It goes to show that even though two individuals come from very different backgrounds, if they set aside their differences, they might just realize how much they actually have in common. It's defintely a lesson that we humans could sand to learn... 


Look at these two, aren't they precious?

Hiro and Hope might look odd together, but they don't care because they love each other!

Love, affection, and perseverance: these are values that animals have, once again, shown are missing from some of our lives. Here's hoping we have learned something from Hiro and Hope today! 

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