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A father gets tattoos of his stillborn…
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A father gets tattoos of his stillborn child's tiny hands on his chest as a way to keep his son's memory alive

June 28, 2020 • By Cylia Queen

The arrival of your first born child fills you with all kinds of joyous and anxious emotions. It's the moment you've been preparing for for at least 9 months, and, although you're a little anxious about becoming a parent, you can't wait to bring your little guy home. Although most pregnancies go smoothly, others don't turn out the way we want them to. 

This was the case for Brad Kearns and his wife when they discovered that their newborn baby was a stillborn (i.e. the fetus was already dead before leaving the mother's womb). The pain of losing a child is never easy. In Brad's case, he had to mourn the loss of not only his son, but of what "might have been". Brad decided, however, that he was not going to let himself forget about his son, no matter how little time he spent on this Earth. Thanks to his tattoos, now everyone can remember who he was. 

After his son was born, Brad didn't even get the chance to hold him in his arms before they carried him away. His son may have not made it, but he definitely left an irreversible mark on Brad's life. That's why Brad decided to get tattoos of his son's tiny, newborn hands on his chest so that everyone, including himself, could see and be reminded of the mark that his stillborn son left on him. 

The positioning of the hands are also simbolic as they are placed on opposites sides of his upper chest, as if he and his dad, Brad, are embracing each other. It's a rather touching image that gives us the impression that Brad would do anything to hold his son in his arms. 

Brad often thinks about how life would've been if his son had survived. He would have been, for example, the big brother of two siblings. We're sure, however, that they know all about their big brother. We also couldn't be happier to hear that Brad was able to get passed his pain and be open to having other children. You have a big heart, Brad! Stay strong!

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