Bees lay siege to a car for 2 days: the queen bee was trapped inside -
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Bees lay siege to a car for 2 days:…
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Bees lay siege to a car for 2 days: the queen bee was trapped inside

June 07, 2020 • By Alison Forde

When it comes to queens and knights, the loyalty of the latter to their sovereign is taken for granted. The motto of the kingdom is "defend the queen at any cost!" and that's exactly what bees from a certain colony must have thought when they saw their queen bee disappear inside a car. The unaware kidnapping, at the hands of Carol Howarth, a 68-year-old English granny, occurred after the lady visited a nature reserve. When she stopped in Haverfordwest, Wales after a while, she realized that she had attracted thousands of bees to the back of her car.

via: CNN

Carol hadn't realized that a queen bee had accidentally taken refuge in her Mitsubishi Outlander and stayed there for about 2 days. She became suspicious when she noticed hundreds of bees massing near the right tail light of her car. The lady did not imagine that she had imprisoned their queen bee by mistake!

Tom Moses, a Pembrokeshire Coast National Park ranger, was passing by when he intercepted the bees on Carol Howarth's car. The ranger promptly took the photo in the incident, posting it on Facebook, and then called beekeepers to come to the rescue of the poor little beasts. The mere thought that some unwary person could pass by and try to remove them by throwing water over them, frightened him: bees are very important for our planet and are safeguarded.


In the end, with a little patience and the help of a cardboard box, the bees were removed from Carol's Mitsubishi, despite the fact that it took a second attempt: the day after this unpleasant incident, Carol found herself again invaded by bees! Nobody managed to intercept the queen bee that, probably, had remained hidden in the car, who knows where, perhaps attracted by some crumbs of sweet food or simply ... by the smell of Carol's cat!

In any case, the bees have been permanently removed and brought to safety. Now Carol can drive calmly!

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