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We are never too old to need our mom
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We are never too old to need our mom

June 14, 2020 • By Alison Forde

There are figures in a person's life that are simply irreplaceable. Among these, we cannot fail to mention mothers. This is not just a biological fact, given that they brought us into the world, but they are real pillars of childhood and growth.

Teachers, cooks, friends, confidants, nurses and much more: the roles that mothers can embody are truly many and, although we can detach or forget about growing up, it is absolutely right, beautiful and useful to remember that they are there, and that we can always count on them for help, without feeling immature or childish. There are many reasons, and here we have decided to explain a few.

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Let's face it: for many, needing mom is seen as a symptom of weakness, perhaps of low maturity or childish behavior. When we grow up, we often hear ourselves repeat that it is appropriate to acquire more independence and make ourselves independent from the family nest. It's all true, but let's never forget that if we were to have a real need from our mother, all this must not make us pull away. On the contrary: asking for help from those we think of as wiser is mature and responsible behavior.

In life we can be surrounded by many people, including partners, friends and acquaintances. Yet none of them will be like our mother, a sincere friend, capable of offering unconditional affection at all times, regardless of everything. If a son or daughter needs support and comfort, we are confident that a mother will always find the time and the way to offer it. Obviously: friendships also count, but they can never play the same role.

Not everyone in life will give us their support at all times, and certainly we will not always get on with people. Our mother, however, will always be there, wherever we are in the world, whatever we do, to remind us that she is on our side, and always will be. And that's a really nice thing to keep in mind.

For this reason, it is splendid and dutiful to share with her the joys and sorrows of life, trying to dedicate a thought or a little time as soon as you can. Although sometimes you can tend to look upon your parents with annoyance, perhaps because of a normal and legitimate desire for independence, as you grow up it is essential to know that we can always have someone to trust through small or large events, our moods and our wishes. And to do this it is important to find a "channel" of communication and closeness that makes a mother feel considered and loved even when her children grow up and - rightly so - move away.


A thought, a photo, a hobby, or simply something she likes to do: there are many ways to surprise her, and they don't necessarily have to be sensational or expensive gestures. After all, a mother should always be able to understand that our children and our partners play an important role for us, but it is also nice to make them understand that, after them, it is she who has priority. With this in mind, and thinking about what really matters in our lives, we will realize that we are never too old to need a mother; after all, she must never be too "old" to receive our attention.

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