Boyfriend spends entire weekend building…
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Boyfriend spends entire weekend building the perfect yard for his girlfriend's dog

June 06, 2020 • By Cylia Queen

Not every dog is able to get over his fears of abandonment. Bentley had been in and out of dog shelters at least 5 times due to his problematic behavior. Many families tried to give him a chance, but the story was the same each time: Bentley's behavior was unmanageable. That's when KaTarra Taylor, a young woman from Colorado Springs who worked at Bentley's animal shelter, decided to take Bentley home with her and work with him herself. She soon realized that her studio apartment wasn't big enough for Bentley, so she decided to take him to her parent's house. When that didn't work out, her boyfriend asked her and the dog to move in with him and give his house a try. 

KaTarra was excited about the idea of moving in with her boyfriend, Nick. The only problem was that Nick didn't have any grass in his backyard, so KaTarra was afraid that Bentley wouldn't feel comfortable in Nick's house. That is, until Nick had the perfect idea. 

Nick got immediately to work and put together a plan on how to implement a little bit of green in his backyard. The truth was that Bentley had never actually had a yard to play in. KaTarra always had to take him to the park to play or do his busniess. Pretty soon, though, he'd have his own little piece of grass.


And Nick did all this despite not really caring too much for Bentley. That's what KaTarra thinks, at least. KaTarra mentioned "He did all this for a dog he hates... we really are lucky!". 

Considering all the work that Nick put into building Bentley a green space in his backyard, we highly doubt that Nick hates Bentley. More than anything, he probably just wants him to feel comfortable in his new home. 

After removing an entire section of concrete, Nick laid some dirt and then covered it with a blanket of already-grown grass where Bentley could stretch out his legs.


Great work, Nick!

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