A man suffering from cancer dies 48…
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A man suffering from cancer dies 48 hours after his daughter is born

May 25, 2020 • By Cylia Queen

Cancer is seriously a terrible thing. It takes family members away from us too soon, leaving children fatherless or motherless or even the other way around. It robs people of the years they hoped they had left to grow old with their partners and see their children grow up. Even though science and medicine have come along way, some people never recover and, after years of fighting, they lose their battle to cancer. 

Jamie Hunter was one of these people. He lost his battle to cancer just two days after his son was born.  

Jamie Hunter, manager and director of Sutton United FC, was only 38 years old when he lost his battle to cancer. He had been fighting for a long time, but he wasn't going to let it defeat him until he got to hold his newborn daughter in his arms. Although it took every last ounce of strength he had in his body, he held on to see the birth of his daughter. 2 days later, Jamie passed away. 

Jamie's battle with cancer started in 2019, when Jamie and his wife found out they were expecting a child. Their joy didn't last long, however. Not too long after they discovered they were pregnant, Jamie started having unexplainabe pain in his kidney region; turns out, Jamie had kidney cancer.

I am devastated to have today lost our 1st team manager, club icon and most of all true friend Jamie Hunter. I have so...

Pubblicato da Sutton United Football Club su Mercoledì 13 maggio 2020

After months of experimental medicine and treatments, Jamie didn't recieve the news he was hoping for: the cancer had spread to his liver and there was nothing else they could do to help him. The news didn't just destroy his coworkers at Sutton United FC, but also his former students he taught Physical Education to at a school in Sutton Coldfield in the UK. 


Although Jamie lost his battle to cancer, he was able to accomplish the one thing he wanted to do before he died: hold his daughter in his arms. Rest in peace, Jamie, you will be missed! 

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