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A mom photographs her husband and ex…
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A mom photographs her husband and ex husband together while leaving the hospital together with their kids

By Cylia Queen

Relationships, unfortunately, don't always have a happy ending. Misunderstandings and compatibility issues are two of the biggest reasons why couples fight. These fights, if they become constant, usually lead to separations and painful divorces. These separations are even more painful when a child is involved. Parenting turns into co-parenting and two parents eventually turn into three or four, if finding a new partner is something one or both of the parents want. 

This is exactly what happened to Madison Holley. A mom from Ontario, Candada, Madision had gotten out of an unhealthy relationship with her ex partner, Tyler, not all too long ago. She was so upset with Tyler after their separation that she refused to even talk to him. Things remained this way for a pretty long time, even after she started dating Cody, her new boyfriend. Perhaps refusing to talk to Tyler would have even been for the best, if they didn't already have a son together. 

Madison and Tyler's son Cade definitely was not benefiting from their failed relationship and it wasn't until Karin, Tyler's new girlfriend, came into the picture that they began to resolve some of the issues that had with each other. 

In fact, it was Karin who convinced Madison and Tyler to sit down together and talk openly about the problems they had with each other in the past. She did it for the sake of Cody, but she also knew that if they were willing to work out their differences, they could all live peacefully together and make Cade happier and feel wanted. 

Now, things couldn't be better between the four of them. Madison even considers Karin one of her closest friends! Cody, Madison's new partner, is also onboard with Madison and Tyler's newfound friendship. He couldn't be happier for Cade, who clearly loves having his parents be on good terms with each other. 


Madison's story was shared on Love What Matters, accompanied by a touching photo of Cody and Tyler leaving the hospital together, each holding onto one of Cade's hands in the process. Madison had just given birth to her second son, whom she had with Cody. Despite having his hands full, Cody made sure he left the hospital with both his sons in hand. 

Although love between two people can pass, this photo proves that the love a parent has for his or her child can surpass any obstacle life has put in their way. It didn't matter that Madison and Tyler were no longer together. It didn't matter that Madison had a child with another man. What mattered was that they were all there for Cade, when he got to welcome his new brother into the world. 

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