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While in quarantine, a 5-year-old asks…
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While in quarantine, a 5-year-old asks his older brother to cut his hair: he wants to look like a "grandpa"

By Cylia Queen

Constant isolation from the outside world has the tendency to play ugly tricks on people's minds. This is why it's important that, while we are experiencing mandatory quarantine, we should all take ourselves less seriously and have fun in ways we normally wouldn't allow ourselves - or our kids - to have. Have you ever wanted to dye your hair or try something you've never done before? Now that you have all kinds of time on your hands, why not cease the moment and do it? 

George Moore, a 5-year-old from England, had a pretty clear idea of how he wanted to spend his days in quarantine. He wanted to try cutting his hair. George didn't want just any old haircut, though. In fact, he had something more particular in mind and he was going to do it with or without his parents' permission.  

via: NY Post

As we had already mentions, George didn't want just any haircut. He wanted something that would, in fact, make him look 60 years older. To accomplish this without his parents knowing about it, he had to rope his brother into helping him. Once George learned where his father put his eletric razor, his plans finally came into fruition. Turns out, his brother wasn't as capable at cutting hair as he had thought, so the results weren't that great.   

That didn't stop the two brothers from from laughing histerically at George's new hairstyle. By the time George's dad, Kevin, found them in the bathroom, George had an entire strip with absolutely no hair on his head. At first, Kevin wanted to reprimand his kids for playing with his razor, which isn't a toy and poses potential dangers for children. He couldn't, however, keep himself from laughing at the situation. It didn't make matters any easier when Geroge begged him to make him look like an old man. 


Kevin eventually caved in and George finally got the haircut that he wanted! With just a patch of hair at the very top of his head and then long hair on the sides, George reminds us of a younger version of our grandfathers! 

The moral of the story: if there's something you've been wanting to try out, but haven't had the courage to do so, why not do it now? Chances are, we'll all be quarantined for another month or so; who's going to see it? Unless, of course, it's something worth sharing! 

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