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A boy refuses to take his feet off a…
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A boy refuses to take his feet off a subway seat and a stranger sits on them to teach him a lesson

March 23, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Today's kids. Every generation thinks they were more polite than the present one, and who knows if today's young people will think they are more educated than those of the future. 

However, if truth be told, it is difficult to imagine kids ruder than some of those you can encounter on the street today.

Or on the subway, like this young boy who, while playing video games and listening to music, occupies at least two seats with his outstretched legs and feet, inside a subway car full of people.

But the reaction of a firm and brave passenger was not slow to arrive.

The boy was in the subway, with his legs and feet resting on at least two seats. Meanwhile, he played a videogame, not caring at all about the discomfort he was causing to the other passengers who were forced to remain standing.

image: da_drought_3

Surely, everyone was bothered by his rude behavior, but only one passenger decided to do something concrete about the problem.

image: da_drought_3

With great nonchalance, the passenger, a young man, sits on the boy's legs, taking back the seat space that would have been free if the boy had not been so rude.

image: da_drought_3

The young boy was literally shocked by the passenger's gesture, because he probably did not even realize the rudeness of his own behavior, noting only the presumed one of the young man who reclaimed the empty seat.

In addition, the boy's mother was quite annoyed by the passenger's action, which clearly demonstrates the fact that behind a rude and misbehaving child there is often an equally rude and disrespectful family!

The episode was documented by some passengers and their photos were later published on social media, whose users, without even having to clarify the situation, agreed with the firm and brave passenger.

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