Wynn, the tender therapy labrador who…
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Wynn, the tender therapy labrador who comforts doctors and nurses struggling with Covid-19

April 02, 2020 • By Alison Forde

The Coronavirus emergency generates a lot of stress among the healthcare staff who are at the forefront every day in fighting and curbing the spread of the Covid-19 infection, treating the most serious patients in the best possible way. Backbreaking shifts that lead to physical and psychological failures are not uncommon at all. But this is what therapy dogs are for, and there is one that in these pandemic days is bringing some serenity and calm to the hearts of some nurses and doctors.

via: CNN

The therapy dog is called Wynn and is a Labrador of just over a year who brings support and sweetness to the doctors and nurses of the Rose Medical Center in Denver, United States. The therapy dog has in fact arrived in the ward to bring comfort to all those health workers who are facing every minute of every day a health emergency as never seen before. The sweet Labrador was trained by Susan Ryan, an emergency doctor who has been in the ward just recently to help the most delicate patients: "I just collapsed on the floor and said 'can I only have a minute with her? [. ..] Seeing certain things has a big impact on you. When there is a dog and you are stroking it, you recover a little serenity", says Ryan.

In the hospital since she was only 8 weeks old, Wynn works inside the social workers' office, and you can visit her to take a short break with her, with soft lights and meditative music: Wynn is there for you to unwind in your busy life!

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