After 60 years of marriage, husband and wife die a few hours apart from Coronavirus -
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After 60 years of marriage, husband…
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After 60 years of marriage, husband and wife die a few hours apart from Coronavirus

By Alison Forde

Severa Belotti and Luigi Carrara are an elderly couple of 82 and 86 years old respectively, citizens of Albino, in the northern province of Bergamo in northern Italy. After 60 years of marriage and a lifetime of living together, the two have unfortunately been victims of the horrible contagion of the coronavirus that is raging in the European nation, whose main outbreak is precisely located in the Lombardy region. Severa and Luigi died of coronavirus within hours of each other.

For 8 days the two elderly citizens of Albino were locked in the house with body temperatures that exceeded 39 degrees, without their son Luca being able to visit them. In the end, he was hospitalized on Saturday, she on Sunday; after the swab test was carried out, it was confirmed that both had been "attacked" by the lethal Coronavirus. Severa passed away at 9.15 am, Luigi at 11.00 am, a few hours apart from each other on Sunday 8 March.

Their son Luca, heartbroken, said: "They died alone, that's the way it is with this virus ... They passed eight days with a fever at 39, the doctor was not there, the 118 was not coming. Let me be clear, I don't have a probem with 118, I understand them and indeed I just have to thank them because they tried to save them. "

In the end, Luca Carrara, the son of Severa and Luigi, says a heartfelt goodbye to his parents: "Bye dad and mom, this bad virus took you both away on the same day, will you continue to quarrel up there too? I think so, but then it always ended in a hug. "

60 years of life together, broken because of the coronavirus that is raging in Northern Italy within a few hours of each other. A terrible story that we never wanted to tell, but that shows us that sometimes, an indissoluble love never breaks on its own.

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