To all the dads who helped children to grow up, even if they were not their children: thank you very much -
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To all the dads who helped children…
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To all the dads who helped children to grow up, even if they were not their children: thank you very much

March 12, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Playing the role of father is not a simple task, let alone when the children with whom you will share the rest of your life are not blood of your blood. This incredible act of love deserves recognition for its purity and for the level of love it requires; when a man agrees to raise a child who is not his as if he were, he gives his love for the pleasure of giving it and not for obligation.

Fortunately for many children who have been abandoned by very negligent biological fathers, who chose not to fulfill the role of fatherhood, someone special arrives in the life of their mothers, willing to exceed expectations and become their parent, even if you have different DNA. And although there is no blood link between them, the relationship they create is sometimes unmatched.

This relationship grows over the years, with every milestone and achievement of their children, with every goal scored at the soccer match with friends, with every father's day celebrated together; for them this new "job" becomes their favorite pastime, and nothing will ever happen to the world that can distract them from taking care of these real children of the soul.

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So these words go to all those who healed the lives of these little ones and their mothers. For all those who, although not their responsibility, have assumed it with all the love in the world. For those who do, what happens is that they are fully aware that blood is not important. They have decided to become parents differently.

For these dads who have nothing to envy of those linked by biological relationships, we say thank you and embrace them, celebrating them every day of the year for their immense love that they give to their adopted children.

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