This 12 year old dog adopted an orphaned newborn kitten: between the two it was love at first sight -
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This 12 year old dog adopted an orphaned…
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This 12 year old dog adopted an orphaned newborn kitten: between the two it was love at first sight

By Alison Forde

When it comes to a puppy or kitten in need, there are no breeds or stereotypes that can prevent the most improbable friendships from being born. That dogs and cats never got along is a fairly common stereotype, which does not reflect reality 100%, fortunately. There can, in fact, be a peaceful coexistence between dog and cat if one knows how to approach the issue. But when a newborn kitten is involved, everything becomes simpler: when the owner of Paxton, a 12-year-old Labrador, brought Polly, an orphaned newborn kitten, into the house, the dog immediately fell in love with that small and defenseless creature.

Morgan McKenzie had heard faint meows as she wandered around her property in Delaware: a kitten of just a day or two, with her eyes still closed and her ears folded, was inside a small hole dug in the ground. Mckenzie did not pick up the animal, thinking that mom would come sooner or later, but she was wrong; in the evening, the woman went to check in the same place and the kitten was still there, evidently in difficulty. Then, seeing that the situation was not going well, the woman immediately took her home, where she was able to help her. 

The kitten was so small that Mckenzie called her Polly, just like Polly Pocket, and she gave her a nice bath first, since she was covered in fleas. Once cleaned up, Mckenzie allowed her old dog Paxton to meet little Polly: it was immediately love at first sight. The sweet dog loved Polly from the very first moment - after each ration of milk, Paxton made sure to lick and clean the tiny kitten, who had very limited vision for the first 5 weeks of life. Despite this, however, she could sense Paxton's heavy footsteps and headed towards them until she encountered some obstacle.


The kitten literally grew up with Paxton so much that, at times, Mckenzie wonders if Polly knows she is a cat. For her, just born, everything must have seemed extremely normal. Now Polly is 5 months old and has transformed into a perfect little nuisance sister for Paxton. The two continue to love each other and to play together ... probably they couldn't be happier than that! 

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