The story of Peri, the blind hen who…
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The story of Peri, the blind hen who has become the best friend of a Pit Bull puppy

March 11, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Adopted in the Hubbard family when she was only a few days old, Peri the hen lived her first six months in peace in the home environment, but suddenly she was diagnosed with a serious eye infection which unfortunately veterinary surgeons and specialists warned the family, was incurable and that blindness was for Peri the hen was sadly inevitable. But the Hubbards still did not give up trying to make Peri's life dignified ...

Among the members of the Hubbard family who understood with time and with care that little Peri had something wrong with her there was Taj, the Hubbard pit bull, who over time became the best friend and the greatest protector of the hen who became blind. The dog and the hen have gradually become friends for the life, and in the eight years since Peri's blindness Taj has never abandoned his curious hen friend ...

In the 8 years of friendship, Peri and Taj have always spent time together when they could: they rested together, played together in the courtyard outside the house .... until in 2018 Taj lost a long battle against cancer. Regarding the disappearance, and subsequent absence, of the pit bull protector, the Peri hen had noticed it, and suddenly felt lost ... 


 ..Until the Hubbard family adopted two new pit bull puppies and the blind hen is once more glowing with joy! Peri immediately made friends with the pit bull Gracie, and even Gracie could not help but be struck by that hen so in need of affection ...

Over time, Peri and Gracie have become very good friends, and the pit bull does not abandon the little hen even for a moment: since she cannot see and often cannot get food, water or games alone, it is Gracie who becomes aware of her needs and brings her what she needs to eat, drink or even play.

Taj meant a lot to Peri, but now Gracie is just as important to her new friend. The two "sisters" are always together and Gracie seems to have made it her mission to keep Peri safe, happy and never without a toy for the rest of her life. 


This improbable friendship, which has arisen from genuine feelings such as empathy, the need for care and affection and which becomes a lesson in humanity on the part of these animals is something that the human being can only cherish and learn from...

Long life and long friendship, Peri and Gracie!

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