This school adopted a stray puppy: kids take care of it and even attend classes together -
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This school adopted a stray puppy: kids…
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This school adopted a stray puppy: kids take care of it and even attend classes together

By Cylia Queen

Not all stray dogs are as lucky as the four-legged companion in this story. Cute little Findik became a web sensation overnight thanks to an elementary school located in Tokat, Turkey. Before he became a local celebrity to a bunch of school kids, Findik was living on the streets. His luck may have never changed if it weren't for the day a group of dogs decided to attack him. He probably wouldn't have made it out of the fight alive if it weren't for the principal and teacher from the school that stepped in and intervened. Instead of just saving his life, they decided to give him a whole new one. Now he stays at the school and even wears their blue uniform!   

Ahmet Aktürk and Mustafa Önlen are the principal and teacher that saved Findik's life. At first, they weren't sure what to do with him after they saved him. They knew that they couldn't leave a poor innocent pup, who was pretty beaten up, to fend for himself. Soon enough, the dogs that attacked him would come back and he wouldn't stand a chance against them. That's when they did the one thing that they knew would keep Findik safe: give him a place to stay at the school while he healed.  

Little did they know that the children would fall immediately in love with him. It didn't take too long, too, before they wanted to feed and take care of him. That's when the school decided to adopt him officially. How could they give poor Findik away after he had reached such a celebrity status with the kids? He was pratically their new school mascot. They also realized that having Findik around is a great way to teach students responsability.



Pozitif görseller 🥰 Tokat,ın kayacık köyünde Mezarlıkta bulunan yavru köpek okulun bahçesine ev yapılmış zaman zaman derslerede giriyormuş, çok şirinler 😊

Pubblicato da Yemekler/S Salatalar/ su Mercoledì 19 febbraio 2020

The kids have even put together a schedule in order to take turns looking after him. With this many kids cleaning and feeding him, and giving him all kinds of affection, what more could a dog want or need?  

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