Nobody on the train would give a seat to this almost blind man with a guide dog and he was forced to sit on the ground -
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Nobody on the train would give a seat…
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Nobody on the train would give a seat to this almost blind man with a guide dog and he was forced to sit on the ground

By Alison Forde

A life without sight is a rather limited life: the person who is blind or partially sighted is usually a vulnerable individual, alone, and possibly marginalized by the society in which he lives. When these elements are combined with an advanced age, they risk becoming strong limitations. Obviously there are also those who have the strength to react and improve their lives thanks to various strategies. For some, a normal life becomes unsustainable, for others it remains a challenge like any other to face daily. For Roger Debman, a 56-year-old visually impaired man, even taking public transport without an escort can be a challenge. Fortunately Roger is always accompanied by his faithful guide dog, Nevin, who never leaves him alone.

This is how Richard Branson transports registered blind people and guide dogs on his trains . Forced to sit on the...

Pubblicato da Roger Debman su Domenica 12 novembre 2017

Each bus usually has a section of seats reserved for disabled people, who have more right to sit than others. Unfortunately, rampant ignorance does not allow everyone to follow this protocol and use their common sense and, too often, it happens that distracted and ignorant people occupy the disabled spaces without worrying about the wrong they are doing towards those who need it most.

image: Deadline News

In addition to being partially sighted, Roger Debman has had two heart attacks, a stroke and has a heart pacemaker. This  truly unacceptable treatment highlighted all the ignorance of the other passengers who preferred to ignore that situation. Nobody got up to give up their seat to Roger. "I can't do the job of the train controller, but if someone is sitting in the reserved seats and a disabled person arrives, you have to give him the seat. The passengers ignored me instead," said the disheartened man, also adding that he avoided getting angry since he has already suffered two heart attacks, a cardiovascular accident and uses a pacemaker.

image: Wikimedia

We hope that this article brings to everyone's attention what it means to live with a disability.

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