After one month in a deep coma, this woman responds when she hears the voice of her two-year-old daughter -
After one month in a deep coma, this…
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After one month in a deep coma, this woman responds when she hears the voice of her two-year-old daughter

February 14, 2020 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Despite the progress of science over the years, whenever medicine cannot explain exactly the reason for some events, it is easy to believe in a "miracle".

In fact, there are stories whose happy endings seem to be the result of a sort of miracle which, providentially, solves a desperate situation that seemed impossible to overcome.

This is a bit like what happened to Maria Laura Ferreyra, a 42-year-old woman, and mother of three children who was, unfortunately, the victim of a motorcycle accident—that caused a severe cerebral hemorrhage that resulted in a deep coma.

Although hope had appeared to be practically zero, the words of her two-year-old daughter have had a miraculous effect on Maria's health.

In any case, the fact is that Maria did not have a normal motorbike accident, but was struck by an assailant on the street while she was still on her motorbike!
She was just about to get off her motorbike when her attacker must have made Maria fall and hit her head violently on the street—a mortal blow that seemed to have cost Maria her life!
The terrible accident occurred in the province of Córdoba, Argentina, and she remained in a vegetative state for 30 days. And her situation was so desperate that the doctors themselves had advised the family to consider organ donation.
However, some fifteen days after the doctors' sentence, some tests showed signs of neurological activity, despite the fact that the woman was not awake.
image: Wikimedia
After these small signs of hope, the woman's husband, Martin Delgado, decided to bring his two-year-old daughter to the hospital to visit her mother. 
When the little girl arrived, she wanted to be placed in her mother's arms in the hospital bed, and she also asked her mother out loud to be breastfed because she was hungry.
It was at this point, that the small "miracle" occurred when Maria, against all hope or expectation— after being in a deep coma for one month—responded by opening her blouse and breastfeeding her little daughter!
Her husband has described how no one in the hospital room managed to hold back their tears and thankful prayers at that the sight of that incredible scene.
In addition, according to her husband, there is still a lot of hope because even if Maria has not recovered completely and is not fully conscious, at least she has shown that she is able to recognize her youngest daughter.

We hope that Maria can fully recover her health and return to being a wife and a mother to her husband and three children. And meanwhile, the local police are investigating the incident and trying to confirm the attacker's identity.
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