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A dog feels alone in a shelter after…
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A dog feels alone in a shelter after her best friend has been adopted and she is so sad that she no longer eats


Arwen is a two-and-a-half-year-old female Saint Bernard puppy, who already weighs 154 lb (70 kg) and cannot stand still for a minute.

Due to her size, Arwen is not able to interact with small or medium-sized dogs, but she is always very friendly with human beings. She likes to have her fur brushed for hours and always allows the vet to open her mouth, examine her, etc.

Previously, Arwen had spent one and a half years of her life in a very small apartment, until her owner gradually realized that there was not enough space and that he could not afford to take care of her anymore.

In fact, when her owner brought Arwen to the animal shelter called "Fidoamico" in Ormelle, Italy in the Treviso province, the dog was very thin and suffering from malnutrition.

via: Fidoamico
When the female Saint Bernard arrived at the animal shelter, the volunteers immediately noticed that her physical condition was not optimal—matted fur, infections behind her ears and points on her body where there was a lack of fur.
"We had to shave off all her fur", said Ingrid Soranzo, the owner of the animal shelter. Arwen was also very sad and her stay at the shelter did not excite her very much and since she did not interact with the other dogs, she spent her days in solitude, pushing her food bowl away with her muzzle.

But everything changed when Jazz arrived, a lively blue-eyed male Husky dog, who immediately established a strong bond with sweet Arwen. Ever since the two dogs met and became inseparable, Arwen's sadness seemed to have just slipped away.

Arwen's depression healed within days of Jazz's arrival at the animal refuge!

image: Fidoamico
However, as we know even happy stories have an end - and for Arwen, it was when the young Husky dog was adopted by a family. So, within a few days, Arwen had lost her best friend and playmate—a sad event that sent Arwen back into her previous state of depression and apathy.
Currently, the animal shelter has at least sixty dogs looking for a home, but there are very few requests for Arwen because there are not many people who would like to keep a Saint Bernard in their house.
In fact, requests for adoptions are 90% for small dogs, because they are easier to manage and transport, in addition to the fact that the costs for their maintenance and food are much lower.
Clearly, weight should not be the only criterion that determines adoption. Nevertheless, what is certain is that a Saint Bernard is not an apartment dog at all.
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