This vet wanted to spend the night in a doghouse to show how much dogs suffer during the cold winter season -
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This vet wanted to spend the night in…
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This vet wanted to spend the night in a doghouse to show how much dogs suffer during the cold winter season


Winter is a season that can endanger human beings if they are not adequately dressed and properly equipped to withstand the cold.

But there are other more defenseless creatures that also risk their lives during the freezing winter season.

Take, for example, pets - if you let your dog spend the night in his doghouse in the garden, you should know that winter temperatures can be risky for your beloved four-legged friend.

To see just how risky this can be, a veterinarian, Dr. Ernie Ward decided to tackle this issue with no half measures!

Therefore, for an entire night (or at least that was his intention), the vet slept in a doghouse, in the freezing cold!

The veterinarian admits to feeling rather frustrated by the fact that many people can really delude themselves into believing that their dog only needs a doghouse and two blankets to be able to keep warm and face the very low temperatures during the winter nights.

His experiment, therefore, aims to open the eyes of those people who believe that their dog "should stay outside in the garden".

Of course, for transparency purposes, it must be said that during this experiment, Dr. Ernie Ward was well covered and protected from the cold.

In fact, in the video, we can see him wearing his beautiful, red, and warm padded and hooded winter coat, a snug beanie and all the other necessary equipment (scarf, gloves, earmuffs, thick socks, boots, etc.) to brave the cold!

It should also be noted that ALL of these clothing items are totally missing when it comes to a dog or cat that is supposed to take shelter from the cold outside in a kennel.

Moreover, even though Dr. Ward was well covered and protected, he could not continue staying outside, the entire night, in the freezing cold weather conditions!

As a matter of fact—after about four hours, the temperature was 15°F (-9°C) and the doctor had to abandon his experiment!

image: Pxfuel

The results of his experience further confirmed that our pets experience enormous difficulties during the winter, risking their lives every night when they are left alone in their kennels in the freezing cold.

If these excessively low temperatures cannot be mitigated or contrasted inside a doghouse, then what to speak of what it means to spend a winter night on the street in the freezing cold—for all those stray dogs that do not have a roof over their heads or even a place to take shelter.

So, please ....if you see a distressed animal on the street, help it or call the proper authorities so that they can come and take care of the poor animal.  Thank you!

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