This young girl devised this whistle tactic to ask for help and ward off the bullies who threatened her -
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This young girl devised this whistle…
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This young girl devised this whistle tactic to ask for help and ward off the bullies who threatened her

February 10, 2020 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Bullying is a sadly widespread phenomenon that affects many people, especially children and adolescents.

This violent and intimidating behavior, repeated over time, that some individuals continue to use towards their peers and, above all, the younger ones, can generate more or less serious consequences in the latter.

Those who are bullied fight every day to escape the physical or verbal attacks of their bullies.

A 10-year-old girl, named Giada Oates, after receiving death threats from an older boy, came up with an intelligent way to protect herself—wear a whistle around her neck, to be used if and when necessary!

Giada Oates, from New Jersey, was not only bullied but was also threatened with death by an older boy.

Perhaps, the bully was not serious about those death threats, but taking the right precautions is always a good idea.

After the usual threats were made again, Giada had to resort to all her strength of character, not to cry and grit her teeth to remain silent. 

But when she returned home, she devised an original and effective way to defend herself from the torments of the bullies at her school—a loud whistle around her neck!

The whistle can be a decisive ally for those who are bullied because its main purpose is to draw attention!

Those who do not have enough voice to express their annoyance and discomfort, as well as the breath to shout or scream for help can instead energetically blow the whistle to send an SOS to those who are nearby.

After Giada showed up at school with this very useful gadget, the other girls in her class started to imitate her.

The fact that these very young women took the initiative to try to protect themselves is truly commendable and encouraging, but knowing that so many children and young people do not feel safe at school is very worrying.

Moreover, it would also appear that the school administration is not working hard enough to keep its students safe!

But what is certain is that no child should be put in a position in which they have to fight and defend themselves every day so that they can get an education.

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