The bond between dog and man can truly be an unbreakable one -
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The bond between dog and man can truly…
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The bond between dog and man can truly be an unbreakable one

February 06, 2020 • By Melanie Boveri

There's no need for words between dogs and humans. Just warmth, and a glance into the eyes, and the soul. A dog and its owner often reach this level of synergy, not really having to say anything in order to get one another. There's an unofficial understanding between us, in which everything just makes sense. We don't have to talk to let each other know that we love and care for each other. The bond, between us and our four-legged angels, is unbreakable.

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image: Pexels

This may be the connection that contains the magical emotional bond within the friendship between the 2 species, and even though at first it may not seem like much, there's nothing else like it. Just like a loving couple, a dog and its owner develop their own language, as well as personalized cuddles, hugs and habits. It's a union that will continue for a lifetime, unchanging through time. 

A dog's demeanor, when you think about it, is pure, open and sincere. They hide nothing and nothing is implied, a look into their eyes is a look into their soul, with heart-shaped eyes that feed off of clear and unconditional love. Through thier actions we can discover a universe, and that's because we are the center of their world. So, a dog lives contantly concious of their owner, from when they get home from work, to how much time they'll spend with him, to the games they'll play together, and all of the little habits they're used to. 

image: Wikimedia

Dogs communicate with their bodies and their 'voice' in a universal way, expressing different states and emotions, such as joy, sadness, anger, vulnerability, and others that we humans can detect.

So, as we know, if we want to talk to our dogs, we just have to observe them and understand how to transmit their emotions. It's important to do this because even though animals have fixed means of communicating, each one develops thier own way of speaking to us and to the rest of the world. Friendship is a strong bond that is created between humans and their dogs, and it's incredibly unbreakable and transparent: if you want to tell your four-legged pal how much you love them, you don't need words to do so.

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