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A couple welcomed a pregnant pit bull…
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A couple welcomed a pregnant pit bull into their house so she could give birth in a warm and safe place


Adopting a dog requires having enough time and desire to meet all the pet's needs. Imagine how much time and effort a person needs to take care of eight dogs!

A case in point is Chris and Mariesa who devote a lot of time and attention to their pets, and the love that they receive in turn repays them for all their sacrifices.

In particular, the couple loves to save and help stray dogs living in animal shelters and dog kennels.

Therefore, when they learned of a pregnant pit bulldog, about to give birth, they could not say no and decided to bring her home with them.

However, they both were still completely unaware of how many puppies the mother dog was going to have!

Moreover, Chris and Mariesa already have eight adopted dogs at home, all rescued from animal shelters. They say that saving dogs is something that also helps to strengthens their marriage.

This is another reason why when they heard of a pregnant pit bull named Storie, locked in a kennel cage, they felt compelled to do something for her.

Already having eight dogs at home, they both knew they could not definitively adopt her, but at least they wanted to give her a warm and safe place to give birth.

So they decided to have her examined by a veterinarian to find out if the pregnancy was progressing nicely and, above all, to know how many puppies they could expect.

So, it was then that they discovered that the dog was carrying not one, not two, but 12 puppies!

Welcoming 12 newborn puppies into their home as well as looking after the eight dogs they had already adopted could naturally have been seen as a lot to try to manage, but Chris and Mariesa accepted the challenge.

Evidently, the pregnant pit bulldog also must have liked the couple's hospitality because she went into labor the same evening that she arrived at the house!

She gave birth to 12 puppies and the couple would have liked to adopt them all, or at least one, but in the end, they decided to spend some time finding a home for each of the puppies, mom included.

Stories, the mother pit bulldog, was adopted by Chris's best friend, and permanent families were also found for all her puppies!

This story could not have had a better ending than this and special kudos go to this couple who allowed the mother pit bulldog to give birth in a warm and safe environment!

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