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A dog does not know that its owner has…
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A dog does not know that its owner has passed away and waits for him for days in front of the hospital where he was hospitalized


Anyone with a dog knows that these animals are willing to make huge sacrifices to help and protect their owners.

Their dedication is so strong that sometimes it goes beyond the limits of self-preservation, and dogs are famous for putting the safety and well-being of their human owners before their own.

This is the same kind of total loyalty found in the faithful Labrador named Totò, the dog that is the protagonist of this moving story set in Argentina.

Totò was brought one day to the Pablo Soria hospital in the city of San Salvador de Jujuy by some members of his owner's family to greet and comfort his human friend who was hospitalized in that facility.

Unfortunately, it was not long before Toto's owner passed away. And, as far as it can be ascertained, from the moment the man passed away, his relatives were completely disinterested in the fate of his dog, Totò.

In fact, in the days following the man's death, the hospital staff began to notice the presence of Totò in the areas around the hospital building.

Now completely alone, the dog had returned to the place where he had seen his beloved owner for the last time, evidently expecting to see him again from one moment to the next.

The story of the misfortunate Labrador Totò has moved many people, who immediately took action to try to remedy the situation.

In fact, various animal refuge and shelter associations took charge of the matter, looking for a family that could welcome Totò and give him the love he deserves.

There is, however, an important requirement for adopting this dog. Namely, the new owner must have a very high fence!

This is necessary because everyone is sure that, on the first occasion, Totò will run back to wait in front of the hospital for his beloved owner who, unfortunately, is never coming back.

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