After seeing a driver abandon a puppy dog on a busy street, this UPS delivery driver stopped and saved it -
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After seeing a driver abandon a puppy…
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After seeing a driver abandon a puppy dog on a busy street, this UPS delivery driver stopped and saved it


When you work and travel every day on the street making deliveries you can see just about anything!

Certainly, there are many positive situations and kind people but unfortunately, there are also many negative incidents, which leave you amazed or indignant when you see them.

Just like in the case of Jason Harcrow, who lives in California and is a delivery driver for the well-known UPS courier company.

While he was driving his delivery truck during a normal delivery day, his attention was caught by a scene that we would all never wish to see.

What Jason witnessed was a car in front of him that slowed down and stopped, and then the driver quickly opened the car door window and threw a little puppy dog out from the driver's side, and then the man drove away as if nothing had happened.

Jason, who was, fortunately, in the right place at the right time, did not hesitate for a moment and rushed to rescue the poor animal, who otherwise risked a good probability of being hit by an oncoming vehicle!

In fact, the street was very busy with a lot of traffic and rapid intervention was essential.

Jason's instinctive and compassionate reaction dictated that in spite of the dangerous situation, he managed to stay cool and to act quickly to bring the little puppy dog to safety.

Thankfully, he was able to grab the frightened puppy and then he went immediately to the nearest police station. There, Jason left the puppy in the custody of the police officers, who proceeded to entrust the puppy to the local animal rescue services.

The speed with which Jason rescued the puppy was crucial. Unfortunately, in those few agitated seconds, he failed to note the license plate number of the car from which the animal was thrown but, if he had not intervened immediately, the puppy dog would have faced life-threatening danger.

For the little male puppy dog, fortunately, there were no negative consequences! As a matter of fact,  after being entrusted to the Stanislaus County animal shelter, it is now in excellent spirits and will probably be given up for adoption to a family that can take care of it as it deserves.

News of Jason's compassionate gesture immediately spread both in the company where he works and on social media platforms.  For this reason, numerous people who praised this brave and big-hearted man were certainly not lacking.

Moreover, the hope is that, although there are many people in the world who sadly decide to hurt helpless creatures, that there will always be someone like this compassionate driver ready to help these animals find the protection and affection they need.

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