After being rejected by his mother, this tiger cub found the affection and friendship of a little puppy dog -
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After being rejected by his mother,…
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After being rejected by his mother, this tiger cub found the affection and friendship of a little puppy dog


Friendship does not know age, race, ethnicity or religion.

Although differences can sometimes separate individuals, often these are the very things that unite and create indissoluble bonds.

This principle of life is valid for human beings, as well as for animals!

Just take for example this Bengal tiger cub, that has found a really special friend - a puppy dog!

The two have a minimal difference in age (the puppy dog ​​is only three weeks older than the tiger cub) and obviously belong to different species ... yet they are inseparable!

The male tiger cub is called Hunter, while the name of the splendid female German Pointer is Chelsea.

The two are almost the same age and live in the Wildlife Sanctuary, in Pretoria, South Africa, under the care of twenty-two-year-old Anthea Michaletos.

Immediately, life for Hunter was not easy because after coming into the world, he was rejected by his mother who had started to show an aggressive attitude towards him.

"The birth of Hunter must have come at a time when the mother must have felt compromised in some way and for this reason she rejected him," said Anthea, adding that the intervention by the volunteers was inevitable given that the mother tiger's behavior was definitely endangering the cub's life.


Despite the misfortune of having to face a difficult separation and the lack of a mother's affection right from the start, Hunter had the great fortune of receiving an important gift, namely, that of friendship!

When Anthea took the tiger cub to the Sanctuary, Chelsea immediately went up to him, welcoming the tiger cub and starting a wonderful friendship.

The two play happily in the grass, chasing each other, and learning a lot from each other. However, at the end of the day, the two animals are separated and placed in different cages.

Anthea claims that the tiger cub is making good progress in the company of another four-legged friend who has similar behavior to his - together they learn a lot and she has noticed that they become very sad when they are separated.

However, this beautiful friendship is not meant to last forever. When Hunter reaches six months of age, Anthea will be forced to separate them permanently.

In fact, having reached six months, there is a risk that Hunter will become extremely aggressive towards Chelsea and that he may seriously hurt her.

Already now, the woman has noticed that during their games, the tiger cub often goes for the puppy dog's throat.

However, for the moment, Chelsea has never shown any signs of fear, intolerance or pain when she is in the company of her tiger cub friend.

For now, being very young, the two animals, one a tiger cub and the other a puppy dog, can still be together and play with each other.

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