This elderly woman can't sell her embroidered…
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This elderly woman can't sell her embroidered napkins and a man helps her by sharing her photo

December 01, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Sometimes a simple image that we see by chance is enough to stimulate strong feelings and reactions of immense compassion.

After all, humanity is also measured through gestures that, at first sight, may seem small or insignificant, but which, for some people in difficulty, mean a great deal.

This is what happened to Leo Brown, when he found himself in front of Adela Vidales, an elderly Mexican woman who, despite her age, is forced to make and sell embroidered napkins to earn some extra money.

The elderly woman was photographed in a moment of particular despair, in a photo that shows her sitting sadly on some steps near her unsold embroidered napkins.

via: Milenio

Pubblicato da Leo Brown su Sabato 9 novembre 2019

In fact, that day she had not sold any of her embroidered napkins and Donna Adelita, as they call her affectionately in her community, was truly distraught.

For those forced to live and maintain themselves with the meager revenues received from selling napkins for the equivalent of $2.00 USD (1.87 EUR) each, surely discouragement is something with which they often reckon.

For this reason, Leo decided to take a photo of the moving scene and share it on Facebook.

From there, the image of this elderly woman literally went around the world, provoking reactions of compassion and affection from many people.

But Leo, impressed by what he had seen and the current situation of the elderly woman and her embroidered napkins decided to do something more.

Consequently, he asked her to pose in front of her napkins, to help her promote her merchandise via social media, so she could have a much better chance of selling them and earning more money.

Adela, at that point, proudly showed everyone her wonderful handmade embroidered napkins, confident that her situation would improve.


Leo, for his part, shared with everyone the address where it was possible to find the elderly woman to buy the embroidered napkins, and many users expressed interest and the desire to become her customers.

So much so that now, Adela even has an online fan club! This touching story demonstrates, once again, that sometimes, even from the darkest situations, one finds hope and is able to stand up and to continue moving forward.

And this is precisely what her story illustrates and it is an inspiring example that reminds us of the value of helping others and the need to not remain indifferent because even with a small gesture we can make a difference.


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