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A physical education teacher picks up…
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A physical education teacher picks up his disabled student to allow him to experience jumping rope


For a disabled child, each physical education class can feel like a real nightmare.

This happens precisely because of their physical condition that prevents them from walking and moving easily like the other children in their class.

In fact, little Heitor hated the moment when the hour for physical education arrived because he could never play with the other children.

Furthermore, all the previous teachers had always practically ignored this difficulty, simply leaving him there on the sidelines to watch.

Fortunately, not all teachers demonstrate a similar level of ineptitude and, with the arrival of João Hoffmann, a young physical education teacher, the story has definitely changed.

"Tio!! Queria muito pular corda... Você pode pular comigo?"🥰 . . . Aquela intimada que é praticamente impossível de dizer não! 😅😅 . . . Obrigado senhor por minha saúde e por me usar para trazer alegria para a vida dessa criançada!!! . . 🎥@guilhermemontoani 💪🏻💪🏻 . . #inclusao #educacaofisica #makeadiference #joaohoffmannpersonal #bealtifulday #happy #tksgod #health #children #brazil #playhard #gogogo #instavideo

Pubblicato da João Hoffmann Personal Trainer su Giovedì 31 ottobre 2019

In a school in São Paulo, Brazil, the young physical education teacher João Hoffmann made one of his little students happy, thanks to a small, but very special gesture.

The teacher picked up, little Heitor, a disabled child who wanted to jump rope with his classmates, and started to do just that, namely, to jump rope, while holding Heitor tightly to his chest.

The other children immediately adjusted themselves, turning the rope for them and having a world of fun!

Heitor was also delighted! The video, created by one of João colleagues and then published on social media networks, where it was shared by thousands of viewers, immortalizes that moment of happiness felt by the little boy.

In fact, the boy's mother has confirmed this by saying: "The physical education class was always a lesson that was not much fun for Heitor, the teachers always ended up leaving him by himself because he was disabled and they had no way of including him. Now it's very different. His favorite days are Tuesdays and Thursdays, specifically the days when there are physical education classes. João's work has produced results that are extraordinary."

Kudos to this physical education teacher!


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