She went to an animal shelter to adopt a dog but in the end, she saved three -
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She went to an animal shelter to adopt…
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She went to an animal shelter to adopt a dog but in the end, she saved three

November 19, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Everyone should be more like this female protagonist, Shelley Blount, in this beautiful story that illustrates her love for animals.

A love for animals that shows real compassion, especially for those animals that are less fortunate than others, those looking for a roof to sleep under, a home, and a family that can give them affection.

Shelly Blount saw a post on the Internet about a dog that was about to be euthanized in an animal shelter in North Carolina, so she immediately called the animal shelter to try to save the dog.

Fortunately, the dog had just been adopted, but this made Shelly think that there might be other dogs that could be in danger.

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Therefore, Shelly asked the animal shelter staff if there were any other dogs scheduled for euthanasia and was told that a dog named Caleb was next on the list, so she immediately got into her car to save him.

The woman drove for four hours, from Virginia to North Carolina, to the animal shelter, determined to save Caleb. When Shelly arrived at the shelter, she soon realized that there were two other dogs that were scheduled to be euthanized.

Although she already had three other dogs that she had saved at home, she knew what she had to do.

Shelly asked the staff what was the limit of the number of dogs that could be adopted and they told her that there were no limits, so she adopted all three of them!

She had arrived at the animal shelter that day hoping to leave with just Caleb and instead she had left with Caleb, Charisma, and Bella.

Although Shelly did not have a plan when she decided to adopt the three dogs, she knew that she could not leave them in the shelter to be euthanized.

Shelley had no room for three more dogs at home, but fortunately, in a few days, she had already found the best new homes for Caleb and Bella. So, that left only Charisma that needed a new home!


Shelley has described that unforgettable moment when she decided to save all three of their lives and take them away from the animal shelter as follows: "Caleb was very excited: his tail was wagging very fast! Bella was so happy that she sat on the lap of my friend who had accompanied me and literally did not move. Charisma, my sweet little angel, was literally hugging me and then she slept the whole trip back."

Moreover, Shelley not only saved Charisma that day, but she also saved her puppies' lives, and for this, the little dog will forever be grateful to her human friend. Yes, because Charisma was also pregnant!

In fact, after a visit to the veterinarian, Shelly realized that the little dog was pregnant, even though at the animal shelter, at the time of adoption, no one had said anything to her ...

Charisma eventually gave birth to seven puppies, and as soon as they are old enough to be adopted and live without her mother, they also will find loving families that will love them forever!

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