10 objects that would be better not to keep in your house as they represent a source of negativity

Shirley Marie Bradby

November 10, 2019

10 objects that would be better not to keep in your house as they represent a source of negativity

Our home is the place where we should all feel at ease, peaceful, and safe.

It is not surprising, therefore, that we always try to make it as welcoming as possible, beyond the so-called personal taste that everyone can have more or less developed.

There are objects, however, that make our home objectively more depressing, and that seem to emanate negative vibrations.

When we return home after a long day at work, for example, we want to relax and a well-disposed environment will certainly help meet this need.

What are the objects, both decorative and not, to be avoided? Let's see together which are the things that would do better to end up in the trash can, or in any case, out of our house.

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Odd-numbered objects: For example, a single shoe, abandoned without the other companion, or any other object usually sold in pairs should remain as a pair.

Therefore, we should also remember that this also applies to socks, gloves, earrings, etc ...

Pictures depicting catastrophes! This includes both photos and pictures representing climatic catastrophes, such as rain, snow, storms, because these usually arouse negative emotions and, in the long run, attract negative energies.

"Lifeless" objects: Dried flowers, shells or even dead and stuffed animals are objects that we do not recommend keeping in your house. Also, withered flowers should be thrown away as soon as possible.


Stopped clocks: Is there anything object more negative than this? A motionless clock symbolizes the stopping of time, immobility ... Get rid of them immediately, or have them fixed.

Negative photographs: If you have pictures in the house that make you feel uncomfortable, take them down and put them away without thinking twice.

Worn out clothes: If you have the opportunity to buy new ones, do not hesitate to do so. You will feel much better wearing more comfortable clothes. If the old clothes are not worn out by time, you might think about giving them to those who need them the most.



Avoid accumulating trash in your handbag, pockets, and wallets. In fact, doing a little tidying up is the best solution to avoid being overwhelmed by negative energies. Check your handbag and throw away all the trash that you have accumulated during the week.

Next, empty your pockets and free up some space in your wallet, purse, or bag where you are unnecessarily storing old receipts and paper that you no longer use.

Objects that have not been used for at least 3 years should not still be hanging around. Do you have any objects in your house that you have not used for over 3 years? Well, then that means that, in the end, you do not really need them, so - get rid of them!

Broken glass: Mirrors, glasses, plates ... make a clean sweep and throw away all the broken, cracked or even simply chipped glass objects.