This little dog also nursed the puppies…
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This little dog also nursed the puppies of her four-legged friend who did not make it after giving birth

November 17, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

A female dog named Lily Rose was in a terrible state of health while being treated by Fulton County Animal Services, an animal shelter located in Atlanta, Georgia.

The dog was infected with worms, had scabies, and the worst thing was that she was pregnant.

Rescue Dogs Rock in New York learned, through a video created by the Fulton County Animal Services, about the dog's condition, and immediately decided to help her.

via: The Dodo

Subsequently, Lily Rose was taken to a veterinary center located in Maryland, which had always collaborated with the noble causes of Rescue Dogs Rock in New York.

Lily Rose went into labor, but things got complicated, the puppies did not come out of the birth canal, despite being ready to be born, so the vets had to intervene and perform a cesarean section.

The doctors knew that it was a very complicated and risky situation, but they had to do it if they wanted the puppies to survive, but unfortunately, Lily Rose died during the operation.

Now the doctors knew they should give the puppies a dignified life and it was at that point the loving little dog named Pocahontas would offer her help as a loving surrogate mother...

Luckily, Pocahontas had previously become friends with Lily Rose and it was Pocahontas who saved the life of Lily Rose's puppies, as they had become orphans on her death and urgently in need of the presence of a mother.

Therefore, Pocahontas, without any hesitation, decided to fulfill that role. Moreover, Pocahontas, herself, together with her own puppies, had been rescued from a flooded basement a few days earlier, just before Lily Rose had arrived at the veterinary center ...


Many people think that caring for 16 very young puppies is a very grueling task, but Pocahontas managed to handle the situation in a fantastic way!

And now thanks to her, Lily Rose's puppies, as well as her own, are all alive, safe, and strong.

Unquestionably, Pocahontas has demonstrated the dedication, love, and compassion ... of a true mom!

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