This woman anticipates giving birth to allow her husband to see his daughter -
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This woman anticipates giving birth…
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This woman anticipates giving birth to allow her husband to see his daughter


Being a parent is not simple, it is true, yet the desire to form a family naturally grows with the passing of the years.

This also happens because although many people approach adulthood convinced that they will not want to have any children, later they find themselves changing their minds as time passes.

This is normal because at some point in life one dreams of having a family, or of enlarging it. Unfortunately, there are those who, after having dreamed so much, still end up with a grieving family.

Case in point is an American woman named Diane Aulger who dreamed of enlarging her family with a fifth child, with her husband, the man of her life.

Unfortunately, her husband was diagnosed with a terminal illness that would not allow him to see his unborn daughter grow up. Faced with such tragedies, a person cannot help but feel powerless.

Diane and Mark already had four children when the woman became pregnant with the fifth child and they believed that nothing in the world would disturb their happiness.

Unfortunately, things went differently. In fact, Mark was first diagnosed with colon cancer and treated with chemotherapy sessions. And then pulmonary fibrosis, a chronic and progressive disease that makes it difficult to transport oxygen from the organs to the blood.

Consequently, Mark's condition was extremely serious, so much so at a certain point, the doctors gave him only one week to live. It was very painful for his wife to be informed of this prognosis, not only because Mark would leave her and his four daughters, but because he would also not live to see the birth of his fifth daughter.

However, for her husband to have the opportunity to see his last daughter at least one time, Diane Aulger who had originally planned a normal birth, decided to talk to the doctors and organize a cesarean section, a sacrifice she was willing to make considering the circumstances.

Later, Diane recounted in detail the emotional moments she had spent with her husband, who was beside her in his hospital bed during the birth of their daughter. Mark was the first person to hold the newborn baby: "When the nurse cleaned the baby and placed her in my husband's arms, I could see the pain in his eyes. However, I could hear him speaking to her gently, telling her that he was her father and that he loved her."

Mark was able to spend time a few hours with his newborn daughter, who they named Savannah, but the very next day he lapsed into a coma.

When Diane talks about her husband's death, she describes his last moments with these words: "He had already been in a coma for 48 hours and I saw his heart rate slowing down on the monitor. I knew he would die soon, so I gently put the baby in his arms until he stopped breathing."

Of course, Diane misses her husband terribly with whom she was very much in love but now she will have to continue to raise her family on her own with renewed strength and purpose in life.

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