Two little children aged 3 and 5 "stole" their parents' car to go visit their grandmother -
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Two little children aged 3 and 5 "stole"…
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Two little children aged 3 and 5 "stole" their parents' car to go visit their grandmother


Stealing a car, besides being absolutely illegal, is particularly difficult when you cannot even get behind the wheel!

Yet two little children, aged 3 and 5 respectively, managed to steal their parents' car, despite the fact that it was practically physically impossible!

But evidently, the two litte children were particularly motivated: they absolutely had to visit their grandmother!

Apparently, for them, it was a breeze to get hold of the car keys to their mother's Ford while she slept.

This is a story, that fortunately, had no serious consequences. Well, except for the two damaged cars!

via: Yahoo

How in the world did they manage to sneak out of the house and take their parents' car? If they had been two teenagers, perhaps we could guess how it all happened more easily, but instead these are two very small children!

We don't even know how they managed to start the engine and get the car moving. The two little pests, however, insist that they had a really good reason: one that cannot be denied -  they wanted to go to their grandmother's house!

The car, a large Ford model, as to be expected, almost immediately hit another car. The two children, fortunately, were uninjured, however, the man driving the other vehicle suffered some minor injuries.

And the two little children were severely frightened because as a neighbor, Annamarie Warren, said describing the incident, that when the two cars crashed into each other, the sound of the impact was like a "loud explosion".

When Ms. Warren approached the vehicle to make sure the little children were not injured, she asked them where their mother was. "She's sleeping" answered one of the two, while the other added: "We want to go to grandma's house".

A story that, fortunately, ended well, but which reminds all parents how they must practically have eyes in the back of their head in order to manage their children. And above all: Never leave the car keys within a child's reach!

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